5 Secrets to Get Your Social Media as Top Results on Google

Tue 01 Nov 2016

How to take advantage of profiles

Having a great online reputation is one of the most difficult things you can go through online. We know how you feel and we're making it a whole lot easier through our instant profile registration service.

Isn't it frustrating when you search for your name and find mostly unwanted, sometimes harmful, results? Bad posts, articles, reviews, and even people who aren't you, will all reflect negatively on your reputation. So what do we need to do to fix a bad reputation?

Having hundreds of social media accounts will slowly and steadily bury all of your unwanted results, but properly personalizing and taking care of your accounts is what is going to take them to the top. There are a few secrets which we're going to share with you on how to do that.

1. Use your real name and add a page URL

The most important things when creating a Social Media Profile is your name, obviously, and your page URL. If these two match, you're set for a good search ranking. ProfileYou sets the name and page URL automatically for you, so you do not have to worry about that. It's only a matter of time until Google picks your profile up. This is done automatically when you register your profiles using ProfileYou.com

2. Personalize! Google likes content

And by Google likes content, we mean Google loves content. The first step towards making sure Google will love your pages is to fill out everything on your profile. Make sure you use your real name, real age, real gender, real location and a real description of yourself.

Giving Google a real and complete profile will make sure your page is among the first results when someone searches for your name. The more content, the better!

3. Have many followers and friends

Internal linking is essential. Post new content about things that interest you frequently. Having many friends and followers means having many links to your profile, telling Google that your page is important. Make as many friends as you can and follow as many profiles as possible.

4. Link your profiles together

Most Social Media websites let you publish links to your other Social Media profiles. Make sure all of your accounts are linked to each other, giving you authenticity. This will make sure Google knows these accounts belong to the same person, showing them all on your search results page.

Having profiles together is a great way to get cross-site linking, promoting your profiles on multiple platforms.

5. Be interesting

Your profiles need to be interesting in order to get people to link to them. We have professional partnerships with news sources that may have interest.

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That's it! These Social Media secrets will serve as a good guide on your journey towards a great online reputation. If there's anything you'd like to know, leave a comment below or have a chat with us, we're always here for you.