How to Avoid a Reputation Disaster

Thu 22 Feb 2018

In reality nothing is ever 100% avoidable, but there are ways to arm yourself and your reputation before a damaging attack strikes. Many of us don’t worry about our online reputation until AFTER it has been damaged. You never think it will happen to you. But then someone mentions to you, “Have you seen what comes up about you on Google?” Before there was barely anything but your name and address and maybe your Facebook profile in the top 5 Google results. Now, result number 3 is a defaming post or a disgruntled customer putting your name and business all over telling the world how you scammed them. Both of these posts couldn’t be further from the truth, but the world doesn’t know that. Your first thought is to get it deleted, but unfortunately that’s not as easy as one would think. When an attack strikes it takes time to fix and sometimes it’s time you don’t have.

A good way to prevent negative results from appearing is to have MANY positive results already in place that are higher ranking than negative urls. This is actually very easy to do. Many social media sites, blogs and forums outrank most negative sites that post negative and defaming material. Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, Pinterest, Blogger, Quora are only a few of the many sites that are considered to be high ranking. You’ll want to make sure you are only posting content that will put you in a positive light (hobbies, things of interest, etc.) for others to see. Also, make sure all posts are set to public view. By following these steps you’re not only preparing yourself for a possible attack, but have also established a positive online presence in your favor. This way when the opponent strikes you’re ready for them.