How To Bury Negative Links

Wed 20 Dec 2017

The key to burying negative search results about yourself is generating positive content to suppress the negative and improve your online image. The positive content will work to push the unwanted results off the first page of Google.

Our previous blog, 10 Websites You Need To Be On offers 10 high ranking sites that will replace your negative links. You'll need to make sure that the accounts are set to public view in order to rank. When posting content to them keep it to things of your own interest and hobbies. Don't post anything you'll be thinking twice about. The goal is to make you look better, not worse.

You can also leave public comments on news sites, forums, blogs and social media sites to help boost your results. These may not be the quickest ranking options, but the more positive content that's out there about you will help outrank the bad.

Site linking is a great way to also help boost your rankings! Any website that lets you link your social media accounts - Use it! By linking your social media accounts to websites this will help show more usage activity on them.

KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS! I can't stress this enough. When you Google just your name Jane + Doe you will probably get positive search results, unless you have negative information out there on you. If you Google your name Jane + Doe + Phoenix + Arizona and you find that maybe there are some negative results about you, you will need to create positive content with those keywords. Let's say Jane is a realtor and got some bad reviews from some clients or some random person. You'll want to include in your accounts you create, Jane Doe Realtor Phoenix Arizona. By simply only putting 'Jane + Doe' that will only replace those two keywords. You'll need to make sure you have all the right keywords Jane + Doe + Phoenix + Arizona to be able to replace the specific negative results.