Why Taking Control of Your Online Presence Is Important

Wed 16 Nov 2016

Why do I need to secure my username?

There are over 1 billion websites online, and over 3 billion people around the globe that have access to the internet. It's extremely easy for your username to be taken by someone else and even easier for your search results to be showing someone that isn't you.

False or negative results will hurt your reputation

The first thing people do when they meet someone new is to google them. Billions of jobs and opportunities have been lost due to negative search results.

The story of a carpenter

I'll tell you the story of Adam Carter, and old friend of mine. He is a very passionate carpenter that loves crafting wooden furniture. He is really good at what he does and has been doing it for years. He thought it would be time to expand the business to selling online. His business, Adam's Woodwork Store, was going better than ever.

His main competitor, John, wasn't happy. John decided to write some negative reviews about Adam's business, about how bad quality and careless the work is. Because he was new in the online business, Adam didn't know about the impact of social media. John took the opportunity and created fake Facebook and Twitter pages for Adam's Woodwork Store and started writing negative posts about his clients and about how much he hates woodworking.

Shortly, Adam's search results were filled with reports about bad quality, hate speech, fraud and ripoffs. His business was dying. The new clients he worked so hard for started leaving him. He was forced to close his business, was completely broke, and because of the fake reviews and profiles, his reputation was permanently stained.

Don't let this happen to you!

Make your search results about you! If you want yourself or your company to flourish online, you'll need to make sure no one else can be mistaken to be you and there are no negative results on your first search results page.

Your results should be about your website and your social profiles. For this to happen, besides having a webiste, you need to make sure that the accounts on the top websites out of the 1 billion available ones are yours. Unfortunately, that's impossible to do, unless you've got yourself a few spare years for registering and maintaining social media accounts. Happily, we can do it for you, in minutes.

ProfileYou will register the accounts for you

We've come up with an innovative, simple and effective solution. We've made the registration process instant for over 200 of the top ranking websites on the internet, with your username. Let us save you hundreds of precious hours.

Secure My Username