Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Tue 27 Feb 2018

Your online reputation may not matter to you today, but someday it will. In the world today just about everyone is online in some kind of way. The internet is continuously growing, apps are being built and released daily, and new concepts are being turned into online moneymakers. Research studies have shown in the USA alone 84% of adults use the internet daily. With the USA alone having a high volume of daily users it’s important to know what’s being published about you. People judge others by their reputation and good or bad it’s going to affect you.

From a Personal Standpoint

Some of us may not care what others say, think or even write about us and for some of us it may be everything. People want to know more about those who enter their life and they'll turn to Google to find out. I was surprised to learn how much the online reputation applies to the dating world. Studies show 43% of people will ‘Google” someone before their first date. Most of us would never even think our online reputation would put a damper in our love life, but it does. Harmful or untrue online posts have the potential of leaving you single for longer than you'd like to be. The world has taught all of us to weigh more on the negative of something than the positive. It's easier to believe what is there in front of you than to find out the truth to a situation. Sometimes we can be quick to believe everything we read on the internet is true, but it's not.

From a Professional Standpoint

Internet Live Stats reports an average of 40,000 searches are conducted per second by internet users. You never know who could be inquiring about you. Family, friends, potential customers, colleges, employers and even loan companies. It’s important to know what Google is giving them to look at, because it could cost you your career, lost business opportunities and a lot more than you were anticipating. For example, John Smith. A common name that can be mixed up with other John Smith’s. When employers or others go to look for you they find you, but it’s not you. John Smith, arrested for some type of illegal business practices or worse, a sex offender. But you are John Smith a prestigious, successful, well liked lawyer with a stellar reputation. Mistaken online identity is a common occurrence. In the USA research shows 70 percent of hiring managers have rejected job applicants due to information regarding their online identity. Make sure what’s out there about you is accurate to avoid the potential for a mistaken identity. Employers or potential employers are not going to take the time to delve any further into it. More studies have shown 75 percent of users don’t scroll past page one of Google search results. With only a 25 percent chance of someone actually researching you is a slim window.

Being Proactive

We’ve given you some good insights on why your online reputation does matter. Don’t wait until a reputation disaster strikes to fix it. If you don't know what the internet is saying about you now is the time to start educating yourself. Take a minute and Google yourself and see what you find. You might be surprised with the results. Are you happy with what you see? If not, be proactive and take control of your online reputation. Create lots of positive content on social media networks that will help reflect who you really are. Posting quality content of your hobbies and interests on these networks will help move you up the ranking ladder. If you have a common name see what else is out there about John Smith and make sure to differentiate yourself from the others. Commenting on widely used public forms and articles will also help you move up in ranking. Once a disaster strikes it’s not something that can be fixed overnight. It takes time and work. Taking action today will save you the time and stress of a potentially life damaging situation. In the long run you’ll be saving yourself more than you realize.