Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a set of answers to the most frequent questions of our visitors. If your question isn't listed here, contact us.

What if I've been arrested or convicted of a crime? Can you remove it from the Internet?

Unfortunately because arrest records and conviction records are considered public information we do not assit in getting them removed.

I want the negative post/review to be completely removed and not just get pushed down from the first page of google. Is that possible?

We offer specialized case management to completely remove negative posts and reviews. Our network of legal professionals are very experienced in online defamation. Defamation and online harassment is illegal in many states and countries, making it possible to entirely remove negative content in many cases.

How much does the registration service cost?

Our instant registration service costs as little as $0.25 per profile account. There are hundreds of accounts you can sign up for with your username, at your fingertips saving you hundreds of hours of time.

How long does it take for the negative post/review to get pushed down from the first page of google?

Google will rank your profiles depending on how you interact with them overtime. Keeping your profiles active by posting content and getting followers helps them rank higher on Google searches. Burying negative results depends on how strongly ranked the negative website is versus how strongly ranked your positive profiles are.

Once you've received your accounts, make sure to read our 5 Secrets to Get Your Social Media as Top Results on Google blog article. It will serve as a good guide to a great online reputation.

What can the profiles do?

The profiles created by ProfileYou are on some of the highest ranking websites. Creating hundreds of profiles on these sites will help outrank negative sites and bury negative content. This means, it can push down the negative post / review that you have to the lower pages of google. 94% of searchers do not go past the first page of search results and over 98% do not go past the 3rd result on the first page.

Securing your name on powerful high ranking websites helps stop more negative content from being posted. If someone else grabs ahold of your username on powerful sites before you do this puts you in danger of more negative content being posted on high ranking websites such as and and many more. These websites are incredibly powerful and usually rank on the 1st page of google and are extremely hard to remove.