Trying to rank your profiles

We'll do it for you, and we'll do it like professionals.



  • Monthly SEO for 1 Profile
  • Perfect for Maintaining Results.
  • Monthly Profile Management
    (On Crucial Profiles)


  • Monthly SEO for 3 Profiles
  • Minimal Optimization
  • Monthly Profile Management


  • Monthly SEO for 4 Profiles
  • Moderate Optimization
  • Bi-Monthly Profile Management


  • Monthly SEO for 5 Profiles
  • High Level Optimization
  • Weekly Profile Management


  • Monthly SEO for 5 Profiles
  • High Level Optimization
  • Tri-Weekly Profile Management
  • Public Exposure
    (News Sites, Magazines)

How does it work?

Now that you've registered your profiles through ProfileYou, get our subscription service so we can give your profiles the care they deserve. Out of the many profiles you've registered, we'll choose the ones from the top ranking websites, which are most likely to be indexed by Google. Here's what we'll provide:

External Backlinks

External Links are hyperlinks on external websites that point to one of yoru profiles. If another website links to you, Google will treat your profile as an important and popular profile, making sure it ranks at the top of your search results. With our subscription service, we'll provide you with top quality external backlinks for your profiles.

Profile Content

Google likes content, and by that we mean Google loves content. The first step towards making sure Google will love your profiles is to fill out everything on your profile. Giving Google a real and complete profile will make sure your page is among the first results when someone searches for your name. Having many posts and links about activities that interest you will also rank your profiles higher. Our specialists will fill your profiles with SEO relevant content.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is essential. Having many friends and followers means having many links to your profile, telling Google that your page is important. The best way to get new friends is to post new content about things that interest you frequently. We'll do it for you. We'll help you make as many friends as you can and follow as many profiles as possible.

Public Exposure Platinum Subscription Only

Your profiles need to be interesting in order to get people to link to them. When an article about you appears in a reliable news source such as NY Times or Bloomberg, it will automatically outrank any negative sites. We have professional partnerships with reliable news sources that may have interest.